The low profile mount design was a joint endeavor between Lobos Industries and Bob Esposito (Gator33 on to generate an ultra low profile pictanny adapter rail for the HK Mark 23 Pistol.  This product was designed to specifically to support a Limited Edition group buy on


Machined from 7075 Aluminum Alloy and Type III Hard Coat Anodized in Black


Verified Compatible Lights:

Surefire X300U-B
Surefire X400-B
Inforce APL
Streamlight TLR-1
Steiner SBAL-PL
Viridian X5L Gen 2 & Gen 3

Verified Not Compatible:

Surefire X300U-A

Note: List will be updated as more lights are tested.

How to Buy

These mounts are only available through the group buys hosted by Open and Closed group buys will be noted below. 

Closed Group Buys:

Open Group Buys:

Behind The Scenes

Watch some in-machine footage of the mounts being manufactured below!